Growing up in northern Minnesota gave me lots of opportunities to get into the woods and fields on my grandfathers farm. I have always been an avid outdoorsman and hunter. I remember making my first bow from a willow branch, when I was about 8, and shooting at anything I could stalk up on. Taxidermy is a way to relive those memories and display our success.

I was first introduced to taxidermy in the mid 70’s. Our high school offered a few outdoor type elective opportunities, one of which being taxidermy. The first thing I ever mounted was a Ruffed Grouse. I was proud of it but looking back, I had a long way to go. Now I have been recreating nature for over 30 years. In the beginning years I only mounted game I had taken myself, for my enjoyment. Later, friends began to ask me if I would mount some of their trophies as well. The business has grown ever since.

Whitetail Deer are my specialty along with upland game birds. I do a lot of horn repair, antler plaques, European plaques and have mounted things from mice to buffalo. I have been licensed since 1979 and over the years I have seen improvements in taxidermy forms, techniques, education and products. I have always prided myself for putting the extra details back into the mount to make it look realistic. Bring your trophy in and I will create for you a lasting memory.

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